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Jack McGeeJack McGee ★★★★★ Abigail A.k.pAbigail A.k.p ★★★☆☆ it's not a bad place they have made alot of improvments for to keep people safe but i suspect there is some intentional sabotage just for a bad review i don't know how real estate workes but it is kind of the equivalent of renting to someone who wants to break someones company i guess so someones spends alot of time breaking things for what ever reason that is, with obvious resultsso whoever makes the decision of who they rent to may not be on the same page as the property owners, i don't know there is alot to iti just think that is a sad situation and kind of wasteful. Like you have someone who really wants to help with community problems and someone just taking advantage of that, it is kind of historicalMike MargolisMike Margolis ★★★★★ Almost three years renting from Redstone, Winooski Block Building. All of the security improvements and other improvements 'promised', have been completed. Through the Rent Cafe portal, in which we can pay rent, there's a spot for making maintenance requests which makes fixing a problem easier. A couple of maintenance requests I had to ask for more than once, but, so what? My biggest concern has been the general public parking in our designated parking area that tenants pay for... our Redstone property manager had it professionally handled. We have our parking back... I'd rent from Redstone again.Darrel DepotDarrel Depot ★★★★★ My company is a vendor for Redstone, and we have never had an issue with how they take care of their properties or getting paid. They do the right thing. They care for the tenants and how the job is handled and this is clearly a reflection on how they run things. They do a great job...js_loader
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